Workshop Comments

Comments from Schools

A good teacher is not necessarily a good player and a good player is not necessarily a good teacher, but when you find a person who is a good player and also a good teacher you have discovered a great facilitator of knowledge. Such is the case with David Friesen. His clinic for my students at Syracuse University was outstanding. I know my students will use the information David provided them and will remember his clinic for the rest of their lives. David provided an experience from which meaningful learning can take place.
Joe Riposo/Director of Jazz Studies Program/Syracuse University
The level of artistry demonstrated was of a caliber our students had not heard before. We watched and listened attentively as David made suggestions and listened to the student musicians integrate his suggestions into their playing. The level in the student's playing was immediately improved and noticeable by everyone. And this happened to student after student. The importance and impact that clinics of this level will have on our students during their lifetime is immeasurable.
Gene Aitken/Director Jazz Studies Program/University of Northern Colorado
David Friesen has the ability to give constructive, accurate criticism that, while direct, is done in a caring manner. His appearance inspired the students to listen more carefully, to be confident and comfortable with their own individuality, and to redouble their efforts to learn the art of improvisation. I would recommend Mr. Friesen highly as one of the most remarkable clinicians we have had at the University of Texas. Prof.
Jeff Hellmer/Director of Jazz Studies/University of Texas at Austin
An outstanding performance/clinic at the University of Miami School of Music. It was inspirational and informative for students and faculty alike. We have had many of the biggest names in jazz on our campus over the years giving clinics, concerts and master classes and all seemed to agree yours was among the best.
Whit Sidener/Chair. Dept. of Studio Music and Jazz/University of Miami/School of Music
I have known David since 1979 and his sincere interest in the students' progress in their music and in their development as creative people has always been a joy for me to observe. There is no other clinician that I have had who is willing to spend as much time with the students and who also presents a dynamic that challenges them to go 100% in pursuit of excellence. The lectures, lessons and bass workshop have gotten rave reviews by the students.
Fred Hamilton/Associate Professor/Jazz Studies Division/University of North Texas
David Friesen brought his tremendous musicality and personal warmth to UC Jazz to create a wonderful 3-hour jazz clinic. They found David very easy to relate to and felt that his musical demonstrations and critiques were very helpful. He is an excellent listener, giving always positive, valuable and constructive advice to all the budding musicians. Nobody felt left out, and everyone came out of the clinic with some different perspectives. David shared some of his past playing experiences with the students, as well as valuable technical tips. His deep sense of jazz tradition and his unique individuality make him a profound musician. I would recommend David Friesen as a clinician to any jazz program.
Bevan Manson/Director of Jazz Ensembles/UC Berkeley
I was so impressed not only with David Friesen's playing and musicianship, but also his ability to relate personally to musicians of all ages and levels of playing.
Lisa Little/Director of Jazz/Friends University/Wichita, KS
All the questions were treated with respect and not quickly brushed over. The time David Friesen spent with all the students made them feel that he cared about where they were musically and that he wanted to help propel them to the next level. His work with the combo was terrific. While retaining a positive attitude, he was able to speak directly to some of the students' shortcomings and achieve immediate results.
Dana Landry/Assistant Professor/Music Dept./Middle Tennessee State University

Comments from Students

David Friesen, thank you most sincerely for the most incredible musical experience of my life. I was indeed fortunate to be allocated to your combo and must repeat myself by saying that it was a privilege and an honor to be "a member of your band."
Lionel Kramer (drummer from combo in article by Ric Pilgrim)
David Friesen, I just wanted to tell you that learning and playing trumpet in your combo at Bud Shank Workshop in Port Townsend, WA for one week, was one hundred times more educational than all the years I spent getting my music education degree. I have applied a lot of the things you shared about playing and life to my gig with the Air Force band and I feel it has made a huge improvement in my life. Many, many thanks!
Keith Hansen/Air Force Band/Robin AFB, Georgia
On October 11th, jazz improvisation (music 48) at De Anza College/Cuppertino, CA, I was fortunate to participate in a master class led by David Friesen, the great bassist. This rare opportunity to interact with a genius artist of international stature was nothing short of miraculous, and rivaled anything I had encountered at the University of California. Professors John Russell, Jeff Buenz, and Robert Farrington, who arranged Mr. Friesen's visit, should be commended for their successful effort.
James D. Armstrong, Jr., B.A. Pianist
David, man, you set me straight on a few things and cleared up my understanding on practicing and phrasing. You have inspired more awareness and focus in me towards music and my relationship with music. I feel free, happier and my playing is more honest and alive. Thank you for your attention and support.
Brett/Fairbanks, Alaska

Not only did we get to know each other's playing styles but also the individuals themselves. By performance time our combo group had developed a genuine care and concern for one another, all through the guidance and professionalism of David Friesen. Never had I experienced this bonding in such a short time. The net result was a symbiotic relationship between the style/substance of the individual players and its transmutation to the group. David Friesen is a master teacher.
Ric Pilgrim, Pianist and Music Teacher
Wapato High School/ Wapato, WA