Workshops/Private Instruction

Studies on How to Follow the Music in a Small Ensemble Context

David Friesen is now accepting bass students for lessons and students on any instrument for workshops.

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Watch a video of David teaching a college workshop:

Goals of the Lessons and Workshops

The lessons and workshops offer hope, encouragement, eliminate fears, improve technical skills and establish confidence in the student's musical life style. Each student will gain self respect and confidence in their playing and will be a more musical player with more depth.

The intent is to help broaden the student's ability and vision of music by explaining:

  • What to Practice
  • How to organize a practice schedule
  • Practice techniques
  • Composing
  • How to reveal the special qualities and uniqueness of each individual student/musician
  • Overcoming fears while playing music
  • Establishing confidence
  • How to listen and what to listen for
  • Strengthening the time feel
  • How to participate in a small group format, where the music becomes the focus of attention rather than the individual
  • Purpose and Commitment

For More Information

David Friesen can be reached at to acquire about lessons.

Dan Waineo can be reached at for those interested in the ensemble workshops in Portland, Oregon.

Jerry Simons can be reached at for those interested in the ensemble workshops in Seattle, Washington.

Music Studies Book Series

David Friesen now has available a book based on his workshops:

Music Studies Series- Learning To Follow The Music in a Small Ensemble Context.
Price: $10